Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Full version!!

So, our assessment is this Friday and I've edited together my playblasts. I haven't done full renders with lighting/shadows etc as I don't really know much about this and didn't have time to learn. I hope to research these areas and produce a fully rendered version for the screening at the National Gallery in September.

To put my movie together I used After Effects. I wanted to add quite a lot of effects such as camera flashes and sounds so this was quite a crucial stage. I didn't know much about After Effects at all, but luckily I live with an expert who really helped me and showed me how to do everything I wanted (thank you Neil). I enjoyed using it and hope to learn a lot more as I found it was an extremely helpful tool in adding an extra edge to my film.

I also really enjoyed recording, adding and editing the sound. I managed to put some effects on my music at various points in the film to change the atmosphere of the scene. I enjoyed recording sound effects at home to use in my animation and found it added a huge amount to the action.

So, here we go, this is my first edited version of my final project. I hope you enjoy it......

Final Edit from Eleanor Read on Vimeo


messytimbo said...

brill, i loved this idea from the begining. you've done a great job

well done!

Anonymous said...

*claps* yaaay! you've done it :D I love it!

Richard Oud said...

Great piece of work! Congrats for finishing your short film!

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

yeah el,,,
you have really researched about celebs smugshots,,,cool,,
weel done el.
now we need to meet on the graduation.

Sanjay Shelat said...

I found this video random;y throught google - just wanted to say I thought it was really good!