Wednesday, 13 June 2007


For my animation I knew from the start what sort of music I wanted. It had to be rubbishy house music, really bad cheesy stuff. I didn't want to insult the RCM students by asking them to compose this for me, and though they'd probably be too talented to make it sound as bad as I wanted it anyway. So, with my suitable lack of musical talent, I decided to make the music myself. I used Garage Band which is the free music software which came with my computer. It was really easy to use and my boyfriend and I managed to make some bad music in no time at all!

I only wanted this music to play when my character is doing all the pointless things that make up her life (shopping, partying, being pampered etc) and for the rest of the film I will have no background music but use sound effects to add to what's going on.

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