Monday, 11 June 2007

Having a rethink.....

So we had a crit to show our animatics and I came out of it feeling pretty rubbish about everything. I really needed to come up with an ending for my story. Among the comments there were also calls for me to set the animation in the 18th century and have her dressed in full period costume. Unfortunately I don't have the modeling and rigging skills to do this and I think it would be a real pain to animate. Plus, I don't really agree, I think she should be a modern day version of the woman in the painting. I like the fact that it links the painting to the modern day world.

Anyway, I've been doing bits of research into celebrity lifestyles, but I find it quite mind numbing to have to read the magazines and look on the websites for too long! It's extremely fortunate that Paris Hilton has gone and got herself arrested and is in the papers constantly at the moment. Thank you Paris.

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